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No BS Theory - DoInvestors

Theory vs Practice

We believe that there are 3 fundamental reasons why most investing courses and textbooks fail. The first reason is because of too much theory. If you think about it, most investing books are covered in 90% theoretical concepts that does not benefit your bottom line, i.e. your money. The second reason is the lack of examples; they always show a picture-perfect example of when and where they invested their money. The third reason is the lack of training; you cannot look at 3 picture-perfect examples of executed trades and then go into the market and expect to win.

No BS Theory 1

Theory is converted into e-books

No BS Theory 2

We have converted all our theoretical concepts, that we use daily, into e-books. We want you to learn everything, starting from the ground up and at your own pace. Therefore, our video courses do not include any theory. They include guides and a bunch of useful and real examples, so you can get a perfect understanding of the market. We do not tell you how to execute your trades, we will show you how to trade!

All the training you need

No BS Theory 3

We have designed very specific training regimen, like a fitness program, for each of our five strategies, so you can benefit the most from them. If you let us transform you into a successful day trader, we will make sure that you receive all the insights and training needed to become one.

We will provide you with trading examples. Minute by minute video tutorials from where you receive an inside peek on how our team does it. By learning our strategies you can speed up your profit.


No BS Theory 4 is the charting tool we use to test all our strategies. It provides you with the best simulation of the real time market that you can get, and practice on. It can show you information on minute to minute analysis about the market from months ago, so you can test our strategies hundreds of times a day. You do not need to wait until the next day to get more training. This means that if you are a quick learner, you can basically feel confident to trade with our strategy faster than you thought, just in one or two days.

No BS Theory 5

Before going into the market

After you buy our membership, we will make sure that you get the training you need, in order for you to succeed in executing better trades. Why? Because we understand the awful feeling of losing money and we do not want you to experience too much of this.

No BS Theory 6